I am a video game designer, programmer, and 3D / texture artist. I've been working with Unity for over four years, and have experimented with Unreal 4 since its release in 2014.

My design specialization is gameplay mechanics (how the player interacts with the world) and their underlying systems. I also have experience in level design.

I am capable of coding in C#, C++, JavaScript, and Java.

On the art side, I use Autodesk Maya for 3D modeling and animation with Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator and Substance Designer for texturing.

Featured Game


Text Quest is a first person text-based adventure where every object is made of the words representing it.

Grass is the word grass, trees are the word tree, and giant spiders... well you get the idea.

The game plays with and updates mechanics found in classic text adventures like Zork and King's Quest. Players can interact with objects through a text parser, allowing for deeper exploration of the world.

Or you can just insult everything.

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Side Projects

Export Sheet Data

I created a free add-on for Google Sheets that allows users to export spreadsheets as XML or JSON. Each format has a variety of options to customize the exported data. It's great for exporting stats, conversation files, or whatever else may be needed and currently has over 25,000 users!

Quatreno (Mac | Windows)

Quatreno was developed with fellow grad student, Josh Sites, and Indiana University professor, Norbert Herber. The game experiments with dynamically generated music based on the player's input. I handled the programming for the project, and designed the game's music system with Norbert.