Released Games

The Space Hotel (2017 - Half Full Nelson)


A short 360 video VR experience developed for Cisco.

Paper Kingdom (2014 - WisdomTools)

Programming, Level Design

Paper Kingdom was developed over the course of a year. It is designed to teach players about clinical trials and as well as answer any questions they may have on the subject.

NanoMech (2014 - WisdomTools)


Set on Mars in the far future, NanoMech was designed to teach players about nano materials and their various uses.

Unreleased Games

There are a lot, so here's a quick list:

  • Zen - 2015 (Art)
  • Robots vs Robots - 2014 (Programming)
  • Pop! - 2013 (Design)
  • Ac!d - 2013 (Programming)
  • Night Terrors - 2012 (Design)
  • Melodus - 2012 (Design)
  • Pumpkin Eater - 2011 (Design)

Fun Side Projects

Dedveyt (Mac | Windows)

Developed at the January 2015 Global Game Jam, Dedveyt follows a Soviet cosmonaut and an American astronaut as they survive on the ISS after global thermonuclear war. Players control the cosmonaut by throwing the lightweight astronaut around to move and interact with the environment.

Quatreno (Mac | Windows)

Quatreno was developed with fellow grad student, Josh Sites, and Indiana University professor, Norbert Herber. The game experiments with dynamically generated music based on the player's input. I handled the programming for the project, and designed the game's music system with Norbert.